Saturday, July 4, 2009

The PrepressX Newsletter

This is our website's first newsletter! This new feature will allow me to stay in touch with you, and my other site users, on a regular basis.

I hope you find it useful and enjoy it!

Introducing PrepressX

A unique site devoted to anyone interested in having their graphic projects commercially printed directly from digital files or PDFs. We will continuously update references, tutorials, and resources to provide you with free, cutting-edge information that ensures your final project is ready for press.

On this site we will take a look at how the files you submit to your favorite offset printer effect the final results of the printed piece and the various ways you can positively influence these results. We will explain how to identify potential problems in jobs before they go to press so that you can prevent alteration charges and production delays. Additionally, we show you how to retain more creative control, and ultimately receive what you want and expect from your printer.

PrepressX Directory

The PrepressX directory is an exclusive resource for the printing and graphics community. With over 5,000 hits each month, and hundreds of listing already, join the ever growing community today!

Browse through our directory and discover the bargains, free stuff, and wide variety of websites that may be of interest to you. Or, login and submit your own listing -- for free -- to increase your internet exposure!

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