Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protecting Your PDF Files | Newsletter

Many of you may already know about the features in Adobe® Acrobat Pro® that provide document password protection for restricting viewing privileges. In addition to this, did you know that there are also password protection options to limit the printing and editing of a PDF document? This is available to us in the Document Properties of every PDF document.

Password Security For PDF Printing and Editing

As graphic artists and commercial printers all over the world move business and personal data from place to place using PDF files, many of us want to protect ourselves from unauthorized access, editing or alteration or these files. Stories of formulas, government secrets or sensitive personal data falling into the wrong hands is the stuff of headlines, bestsellers and movies, but when it occurs in real life it can become a horror of legal hassles or even worse. So what is the best way to secure a PDF?

Let’s first take a look at how to apply password protection to a PDF document using Acrobat Pro to help make them more secure. After that we will show you how to verify the password protection in any PDF file. We will also discuss a when you might want to apply password security.

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Boon For Creative Professionals-Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Written by: Elliot Harvey

Adobe Acrobat 9 professional creates refined Portable Document Format (PDF) files, facilitates PDF portfolio creation, improved color conversions, and extremely accurate document comparison feature. Among the thousands, few features which gives a good reason for spending your hard earned money on purchase of Acrobat 9 pro comprises, electronic document reviews, enhanced 256-bit encryption, new native flash support and improved forms.

On top of it all, the new features haven’t affected the speed. In fact, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 is sleek & faster than ever.

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