Thursday, July 16, 2009

Press-Ready Settigns in Acrobat Distiller 9 | Newsletter

This week I updated the Adobe Settings section to include Adobe® Acrobat Distiller® 9. Just like the previous versions of Acrobat, this article describes how to create a custom Press-Ready PDF setting for use in converting your PostScript® files to press-ready PDF files.

Even though there are a number of steps, the settings are basically the same as the Adobe PDF/X-1a:2001 standard subset. However, I prefer a more relaxed version of this standard. There are two changes that I like to make for creating a Press-Ready PDF subset.

The first has to do with the a change in the Color window pane, under the Color Management Policies section. I like to change the option from Convert All Colors to CMYK to Leave Color Unchanged. This leaves all images alone, without any conversion. Normally, I don’t mind this because most prepress professionals prefer to manage image color. This also preserves RGB images for use at digital and inkjet printers.

The next change is in the Standards window pane, under the Standards Reporting and Compliance section. I like to change the Compliance Standard: field from PDF/X-1a (Acrobat 4.0 Compatible) to None. This feature limits your output to one intent only. I like to have a little more versatility, for multiple workflows.

By making these two simple changes to the PDF/X-1a:2001 subset, you will be able to create looser Press-Ready PDF files that follow the PDF/X-1a standard. To see the entire article, check out Adobe Settings / Adobe Acrobat Distiller 9. Or, if you need additional constructive information on how to prepare your files for press, checkout

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